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Goonhavern Pre-SchoolGoonhavern Primary School

11 things to do before the age of 11

We think that the children in Goonhavern Primary School should experience the joy of these eleven things before their eleventh birthday.  How many on the list have you already done? What's your next adventure going to be?

  1. Learn to play a musical instrument

  2. Learn how to surf and stay safe and respect the beach (for example taking part in a beach clean)

  3. Visit the religious buildings of at least three different faiths

  4. Camp overnight with your friends and cook on an open fire

  5. Perform on a stage in front of an audience

  6. Write to a senior citizen in your community and then visit them in person

  7. Go on a woodland walk and connect with nature 

  8. Raise money for a charity that you believe in

  9. Plant a seed, nurturing it and observing its growth 

  10. Explore a foreign country and learn a new language

  11. Read one book from every teacher's Must Read list.