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Goonhavern Nursery SchoolGoonhavern Primary School


2015 – 2016 academic year

Our allocation for Sport Premium was £8631

This expenditure focused upon the implementation of a specialist Physical Education teacher, Mrs Emma Wells

The main aims of employing Mrs Wells were:

  1. Whole school professional development in gymnastics
  2. Increase the skills and confidence of Physical Education in Key Stage 1 staff and pupils.
  3. Continue to Increase participation in competitive sport and participation in the Cornwall School Games.

What we achieved 2015 – 16

Aim 1

Whole school professional development in gymnastics

i           Upskill all teachers and TA's in gymnastics

ii           Upskill all pupils in gymnastics

  • all teachers now understand how to get out, set up and use all gymnastics apparatus including large wall apparatus and feel confident to do so by themselves.
  • Staff and children now understand and are able to warm up and cool down specifically in gymnastics.
  • Staff are now able to access Tops Gymnastics cards via the computor,onto the main projector in the hall space and can show examples of good practice for the children to see.
  • Staff have used ICT to monitor and access children with I pads and photo evidence.

Numbers affected: Teachers 6, TA's 6, children 300.

Aim 2

Increase the skills and confidence of Physical Education in Key Stage 1 staff and pupils.

  • Mrs Wells worked alongside a new member of staff who was covering a long term absence. This involved team teaching in athletics and games units and increased their expertise and confidence in teaching PE
  • Staff were provided with new resources specifically for key Stage 1 children - larger, softer balls, scalves for catching, bean bag animals, smaller rackets and many other age related equipment which has given staff the  confidence to correctly select and use the equipent appropriate to that child's age
  • Staff now know how to use Tops cards and linking them to the relevant units.
  • A stiking / fielding unit was delivered alongside a Year 1 teacher to a very able year 1 class. That member of staff was confident across most areas of the curriculum but felt this was a weakness. She feels confident now to deliver this unit in the future.

Numbers affected: Teachers 2, TA's 2, children 60

Aim 3 

Continue to Increase participation in competitive sport and participation in the Cornwall School Games

  • Increased sense of belonging and pride by team members representing our school in events against other schools
  • 2015 -16 saw children represent the school in cross country, netball, football, swimming, athletics, tennis, basketball, dodgeball, rowing, martial arts, multi skills, American football, surfing, surf life saving, dance, wake and shake, sportibility and the Newquay Olympics.
  • Every single pupil in the school has had the opprtunity to represent the school in at least one sporting event.

Some of these events were for all children of varying ability, some for the less able and some were provided for our gifted and talented children. children who participated ranged from year 1 to Year 6.

Year 1 & 2      

Multi skills, football, beach games, Newquay Olympic Games.

Numbers involved: 60

Year 3 & 4      

Football, dodgeball, indoor athletics, surfing, cross country, athletics, sportibility, martial arts, Newquay Olympic Games.

Numbers involved: 60

Year 5 & 6      

Surfing, football, netball, cross country, athletics, basketball,                  American football, swimming, sportibility, rugby, martial arts,                     rowing, rounders, Newquay Olympic Games.

Numbers involved: 60

Results of competitions

Winners of netball high 5 Newquay cluster (unable to attend next round)

Winners of basketball Newquay cluster and 2nd pace in Mid Cornwall - continued to Cornwall School games as restormel representative. Came 4th in the county.

Winners of Newquay Schools' netball league

Winners of Newquay Schools' football league

Winners of the Cornwall Macron Football Tournament.

Winners of Year 5 girls, Year 5 boys, Year 6 girls and Year 6 boys Newquay cluster Swimming competition tier 1, went on to take part in tier 2 with the Year 5 girls taking part in Cornwall school games - gaining the gold medal.

Came 2nd in rugby competition tier 1, Newquay cluster and competed in tier 2 finishing in 4th place.

Winners of both Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 indoor athletics tier 1. Year 5 / 6 won the tier 2 event and went on to gain a bronze medal overall.

Many successful cross county runners with a number across Year4, 5 & 6 running in the county final.

Pupil progress and age related expectation

Pupil assessments are completed at the beginning and end of each unit of work. Units of work take place every half term. At the end of the academic year an overall assessment is completed for each pupil, indicating whether they are working towards, working at or working beyond age expectation.  These assessments are shared with parents in learning journals.

Our target for the end of the 2015-2016 academic year was that 90% of all groups of children would achieving or surpass age related expectation.

At the end of the 2015-2016 academic year our PE assessments told us that:

Summary – percentage of pupils AT or ABOVE expected age band

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6


Pupil participation in physical education and sporting activity

The school is committed to supporting every child to be physically active. All pupils participate in high quality, timetabled physical education.

We use activity diaries which encourage pupils to be active outside of timetabled physical education. This includes attendance at after school clubs. We monitor the dairies and record the percentages of children participating in 6, 4 or 2 hours of physical activity outside of timetabled physical education per week.

The table below indicates the percentages of pupils participating in 6, 4 or 2 hours of physical activity during the Spring term:


Number   of pupils participating

6 hours   per week

4 hours   per week

2 hours   per week

Spring   1





Spring   2





Staff  identify target groups of pupils that are deemed less active and physical activity sessions are organised during the Summer term to encourage positive attitudes towards healthy and active lifestyles.