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Goonhavern Pre-SchoolGoonhavern Primary School

Design Technology

Design and Technology is a practical subject which can provide opportunities for pupils to make sense of appliances and processes in their environment, primarily through first hand experience.

Design and Technology can provide opportunities for work in other curriculum areas through the use of problem solving methods across its activities. For example:

  • Mathematical skills may be used for calculating the dimensions and shape of packaging;
  • Scientific skills may be required for testing the strengths of different materials;
  • Artistic skills may be employed to make the product from a design;
  • Literacy skills may be utilised to follow instructions.

It also provides opportunities for the incorporation of PSHE/Citizenship and Geography through the investigation of use of technology in other countries, recycling, sustainable resources, use of natural power sources.

Consideration will also be given to the role and development of technology in the past through history topics.

Food is a great opportunity to link to languages, geography (local foods and farming methods), history (historical recipes and their relevance to today), maths (measuring).