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Goonhavern Pre-SchoolGoonhavern Primary School

Knowledge Organisers

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  1. Year 6 What will Change as we Become More Independent_.PDF File

  2. Year 6 How Can we Keep Healthy as We Grow_.PDF File

  3. Year 6 How Can the Media Influence People_.PDF File

  4. Year 5 What Makes a Person's Identity_.docx.PDF File

  5. Year 5 Christopher Winter's Project Puberty.PDF File

  6. Year 5 What Decisions do People Make with Money_.PDF File

  7. Year 5 How can we Help in an Accident_.PDF File

  8. Year 5 How Can Friends Communicate Safely_.PDF File

  9. Year 4 Christopher Winter's Project Growing Up.PDF File

  10. Year 1 How Can We Look After Each Other and the World_.PDF File

  11. Year 1 What Can We Do With Money_.PDF File

  12. Year 1 What is Same_ Different_.PDF File

  13. Year 1 Who Keeps Us Safe.PDF File

  14. Year 1_ Who is Special to Us_.PDF File

  15. Year 2 Differences.docx.PDF File

  16. Year 2 How do we Recognise our Feelings_.docx.PDF File

  17. Year 2 What Helps us to Grow and Stay Healthy_.docx.PDF File

  18. Year 2 What Helps us to Stay Safe_.docx.PDF File

  19. Year 2 What is Bullying_.docx.PDF File

  20. Year 2 What Makes a Good Friend_ .docx.PDF File

  21. Year 3 Christopher Winter's Project Valuing Differences (1).docx.PDF File

  22. Year 3 How Can We Be A Good Friend_.PDF File

  23. Year 3 How Should we Keep Active and Sleep Well_.PDF File

  24. Year 3 What are Families Like_.PDF File

  25. Year 3 What Makes a Community_.PDF File

  26. Year 3 Why Should we Eat Well_.PDF File

  27. Year 4 How Can our Choices Make a Difference to Others.PDF File

  28. Year 4 How can we Manage our Feelings_.PDF File

  29. Year 4 How can we Manage Risks in Different Places_.PDF File

  30. Year 4 How do we Treat Each Other with Respect_.PDF File