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Literacy in Class 1

Letters & Sounds…

As they did last year, your child will take part in daily letters and sounds sessions.  Letters and sounds is a systematic programme for teaching phonic skills, with the aim of children becoming fluent readers and writers by the end of Key Stage 1.  Sessions last for 20 minutes and are fun and fast paced!  The children are streamed across Key Stage 1, meaning their group is targeted at their specific level.  Your child will then be given plenty of opportunities to apply their phonic knowledge through practical activities and play in the classroom. 

The website has interactive games and ideas for practicing phonics at home.  There are also tons of phonics apps, a few we use in class are: Forest Phonics, Mr Thorne Does Phonics, Twinkl Phonics.


As in Class R, children in Class 1 will read every day. This may be sometimes as an individual, a group, as a whole class or with a partner and may not always be from a book and cannot always be recorded. 

In school we use a wide range of resources that are designed to help us learn and practise these skills e.g. books, labels, games, CDs, computer activities as well as the daily play opportunities that are designed to enrich the children’s language skills.   Our classroom environment will reflect the importance of a language-rich approach to reading via the wealth of signs and notices that will accompany each activity and which will be changed as appropriate.

We will be choosing books from the class and school library. Children will be taught to change these independently and as regularly as they wish.  It is always helpful if they are kept in book bags.  It is entirely normal that children will bring home the same book for more than one day. As boring as this may seem to you we do ask you to be as enthusiastic on day 5 as you were on day 1! Your child will have chosen the book for a good reason – they love the story; they like the pictures; or simply because it gives them confidence because they know the story. By uncritically praising all their efforts your child will become confident and ready to read.

Another resource will be the reading scheme books. Your child will be given the opportunity to change their books on a daily basis.  There will always be an adult available to support them in this but we encourage them to have a go independently!  In Class 1 we encourage children to choose a book which they are comfortable with reading alongside a more challenging book that they might like to share with an adult or sibling, so please don’t worry if they come home with a variety of reading scheme books.

As the reading scheme books are designed for supporting specific reading skills it is equally important children share books other than the reading scheme books.  They will have familiar books at home that they love to hear and may choose from the school and class library a book as regularly as they wish. It is equally important that children experience print in other forms (signs, notices, non fiction books etc)  


In Year 1 we continue to focus of letter formation – making sure your child starts their letters in the correct places, uses capital and small letters correctly and that letters face the right way (DON’T PANIC if they seem to be doing this a lot…it is very common and eventually the letter ‘b’ will stop being a letter ‘d’!).  This is done through adult modelling and daily practice in Letters and Sounds. 

Your child will then be given plenty of opportunities to apply their phonic knowledge through practical activities and play in the classroom.  This includes writing their name, writing signs and labels for their work and the classroom

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. You are always welcome in the classroom before or after school for a chat.