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Goonhavern Nursery SchoolGoonhavern Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages

On Friday the 4th of December, Stella Pope, Laura Waterhouse, Jasmine Julyan and Olivia McLellan went to Treviglas School for a Swedish workshop.

When they got there they were taken to a class room ready to learn some Swedish. Their teacher was from Sweden (he was going back to Sweden soon with his family) and he was called Mr. R.

Here are some things they learnt:

  • Hello is jag
  • Goodbye is jag jag
  • Thank you is tack
  • Yes is ja
  • No is nej

They learnt how to ask questions and answers such as:
Do u have any pets? Is har du en djur?
I have three fish. Is jag har tva fisk
They learnt some animals such as:

  • Dog is hund                                          
  • Cat is katt
  • Duck is anka
  • Pig is gris
  • Sheep is fär
  • Goat is get
  • Chicken is kylkling
  • Goose is gås
  • Bear is björn
  • Squirrel  is ekorre
  • Deer is hjort
  • Loin is lejon
  • Zebra is sebra
  • Ostrich is struts
  • Gorilla is gorilla
  • Hedgehog is igelkott
  • Bird is fågel

We would just like to say thank you to a couple of people: Jasmines mum-for driving us there and back, the teachers at Treviglas-for giving their time up to do the workshop, the students at Treviglas for missing curial lesson time, Miss Potter for choosing the right children who could be trusted to be sensible and finally to the children for being so well behaved when they were representing the school.
Jag jag
Stella and Laura
(P.S you pronounce jag like hay).