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Goonhavern Pre-SchoolGoonhavern Primary School

School Vision and Ethos

In short... 

At Goonhavern Primary School, we pledge to:

  1. Nurture children to be mentally and physically healthy;

  2. Teach children the school’s core values, equipping them to thrive now and in the future;

  3. Deliver excellent teaching, supporting each individual child to reach their full potential.

The details... 

At Goonhavern Primary School we recognise that we are living in a rapidly changing world and it is our intention to provide a proactive approach to the challenges of the future. We believe that every child needs to be equipped with the necessary skills in order to flourish with determination and confidence in tomorrow’s world.

Our vision for the future of our school is to continually achieve the highest possible standards. We strive to nurture children as individuals and ensure that every child achieves their true potential, be it academic or otherwise. Our priority is to provide all children with challenge through a broad curriculum that is enriched with creative, practical and real life experiences.

It is vitally important that our children develop a wide range of learning skills and a positive attitude towards learning. Our curriculum provides a cohesive and progressive, child-centred approach to learning with opportunities for children to think independently and creatively. Our curriculum is designed so that children are able to solve problems and face challenges with confidence and can identify what they are able to do well and what they need to do in order to progress to the next level of learning. Individual and group successes and goals are always celebrated.

We teach our children to become responsible, thinking citizens who can understand similarities and differences between people and recognise that everyone has a valued contribution to make to the school community. We teach children to have a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them and provide opportunities for learning about economic well-being and environmental issues on local and global scales.

We value the importance of belonging to a community. Children are taught to understand the importance of community and are given opportunities to make a positive contribution to the community in which they live. We also value parents and welcome their positive contribution and willingness to be a part of the “team” alongside staff and Governors.

We believe that both the children and adults at Goonhavern Primary School should have a life-long love of learning and it is the responsibility of all adults to enable enthusiasm in children so that they aspire to their hopes and dreams for the future. We aim to ensure that all children leave Goonhavern Primary School as happy, independent and creative individuals who are prepared to meet the challenges of their adulthood with confidence.

This vision statement applies to everyone who has a role to play in the provision of education at our school.