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Goonhavern Pre-SchoolGoonhavern Primary School

Short Stories

 The reward winning medals

On a windy summer morning a girl and her dog were riding up and down a forest! The girl was called Emma and her dog was called Maisie. As Maisie was walking by Emma’s horse, she came to a halt. Emma and her horse stopped too! “Hey what's this?” asked Emma. On the path of the woods was a box, an old, squishy, mouldy box! Frantically, Emma got down from her horse and picked up the tatty box. It felt wet, mouldy and squishy in her hand!

Suddenly, she and Maisie heard a whistling noise. Emma knew a trap was falling on her! Frantically, Emma grabbed her horse and went to stand by Maisie. Just then, a trap fell on her! THEY WERE IN DEEP DANGER!!!

Emma opened the box and inside there were 122 gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals!  “Woof!” Barked Maisie, her voice going low. Emma’s horse was alone in a corner. Maisie trembled and shook and Emma shivered with fear! All of them looked for a way out! Emma shook, she had a trembling bottom lip, and she couldn't speak. All of them were quiet, searching in the trap for some way to get out. Maisie barked again, “Woof!”.  Everyone stayed as still as stone.

Only by a little, Emma looked up and noticed an unlocked door in the roof of the trap! “Let's get out of here!” Emma whispered.  Maisie barked and Emma's horse neighed as if they were agreeing to go out of the trap roof. As quick as a cheetah, Emma boosted up Maisy and let her horse jump. After that Emma jumped out herself! HOORAY THEY WERE FREE! Soon, they galloped home even though the woods were empty.

As soon as Emma got home, she stormed into her house to show her dad what they had found. Surprised, he decided to call the England Olympics! After his long chat on the phone Emma heard a knock on the door. Feeling excited, she opened the door and saw an Olympic champion. “Thanks for the medal find!” She said, “And you have 2 rewards. First you can be in the Olympic horse riding squad and second you get a money reward!”